These are some of the books that we have narrated.  You may find them in,, and iTunes.  

Click on any of the book covers below to listen to a sample in 

someone-you-might-know-a-book-to help-us understand-children-and grown-ups who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder

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How to Learn Spanish French English German...Any Language in 30 Days by Richard Pluma, Narrated by Claudia R Barrett

Cómo Aprender Español Francés Inglés...Cualquier Idioma en 30 Dias, por Richard Pluma, Narrado por Claudia R Barrett



principios-para-adelgazar - Narrado por Claudia R Barrett

reading-speed, read by Claudia R Barrett

the-gift-of-prayer, read by Claudia R Barrett


how-to-overcome-the-challenges-of-life by Patricia D Mitchell, narrated by Claudia R Barrett

El Gusto es Mío - The Pleasure is Mine by Dee Ann Turner, Narrated by Claudia R Barretto

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