The Christian Edition of SkyRocket Your Conversational Spanish is now available in e-book format!

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Repetition, repetition, repetition! That’s the key for learning your Vocabulary and Phrases and getting used to hearing yourself speaking in Spanish!

In the SkyRocket Your Conversational Spanish Series you will have the opportunity to speak, speak, speak, in Spanish! So when you encounter Spanish speaking people you will feel right at home, since you do it all the time!

SkyRocket your Conversational Spanish Christian Edition is a book designed for those of you who are Christians, have some previous knowledge of Spanish either because you studied it in school, or on your own , your interest in the language has been revived but do not desire to start again from the beginning. This is a fun interactive way to review what you have already studied, learn new vocabulary, or to help you not forget what you already know and keep improving your Spanish communication skills! It is especially designed to help you learn Christian Vocabulary that will help you communicate your faith and share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! It’s a great way to jump from beginner Conversational Spanish to Intermediate or Advanced Conversational Spanish.

The audiobook will be available in the middle of December, 2016. More than 8 Hrs. of practice repetition, listening to Spanish narrations, and testing yourself!

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