Discovering Classic Treasures  (available in Audible, Amazon and iTunes) is a fascinating collection of good character-building novels for the young and old!

While searching for hidden treasures, we discovered priceless beautiful gems, gold nuggets, and jewels! We desire to unearth their moral wealth and value and make them available in audio-book format as well, so that many generations to come will enjoy and benefit from these timeless stories!

Most of these books were written hundreds of years ago. They are hidden treasures from the past! As we open their pages, we can transport ourselves to an era when life was completely different than ours. A life where cell-phones, Internet, Television, and in most cases, electricity, were non-existent! Yet we can relate to their characters and the situations they encountered themselves in, and learn from their way of life. It might even help us in an emergency to know how they lived and what they did back then without the help of our modern conveniences!

We all know that with time most things in life change; but the real meaning of courage and honor, family values and loyalty, respect, godliness, and good moral character never change. This collection of novels is sure to uplift your spirit, inspire you to greatness, and challenge you to become a better person.

In these revised editions we have added quotes at the beginning of some chapters, and have replaced words that were used long ago that today have a different meaning, for the sole purpose that younger generations may fully understand it. Even when some changes were needed, the old flavor and literary excellence in which they were written remains intact.

It is our prayer that you will enjoy reading or listening to this fascinating collection, whether by yourself or in the company of your family!

Discovering Classic Treasures, 12 Springs Publications
Jessica’s First Prayer and Jessica’s Mother for Today’s Readers
Discovering Classic Treasures - Saved at Sea - Claudia R Barrett
Saved at Sea – Audiobook
Discovering Classic Treasures - 12 Springs Publications
Alone in London is a heartwarming story of loyalty and love that can touch us all. Written by Hesba Stretton, Revised by Claudia R Barrett, Narrated by Cassandra King.
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